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  • create easy nail art with dots and flowers
  • Spring Flowers (2 Brushes)
  • Spring Flowers (2 Brushes)
  • Spring Flowers (2 Brushes)

Spring Flowers (2 Brushes)

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Whether its spring or you just need a "cheer me up", let's make sure your nails feel the warmth of spring.
Follow this super easy step by step guide to achieve this look.
What you’ll need:
Step 1:
Paint your nails the colours that you like.
Step 2:
Add dots to three of your nails, except your ring nail.
To learn how to create dots, review our step by step tutorial.
Step 3:
Put a few drops of the polish onto baking paper. Either use the brush that comes with the bottle to do this, or simply pour the polish out really carefully. Then place the top of your Mitty. Stripy Glamour brush into the polish. Make sure there is a good amount of polish on your brush.
Gently place the brush on your nail where the middle of your flower is going to be and slowly move toward the edge of your nail.
Continue this step 4 more time until you have a 5 leaf flower.

Tip: Remove excess polish using baking paper. Also you can use your baking paper to practice.
Step 4: Using Mitty Lots of Dots, place a single dot in the middle of your flower.

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