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Flawless Finish & Stencil Combo - Flowers are Blue

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Flawless Finish & Stencil Combo - Flowers are Blue:

This awesome combo has you covered, literally. You can do awesome stencil designs and not get messy with Flawless Finish......Bonus

Mitty Stencils:

Mitty nail art stencils have been tried and tested hundreds of times. The stencil easily peels away from the plastic packing so you get a perfect stencil to use. 

Each pack contains 40 stencils that come in a funky aluminium pouch. The aluminium pouch is designed to protect your stencils. The pouch also doubles as a super handy carry bag to take your stencils anywhere. 

You could even match your base coat to your stencil colour. These nail art stencils come in a variety of colours.


1. Begin by painting the colour you like as the base polish onto your nails.

2. Make sure it's 100% dry, then paint a coat of clear, fast drying topcoat onto your nails.

3. Again, make sure it's 100% dry. Now with your scissors cut out the desired design and peel the clear backing plastic away from the stencil. Pick the stencil up with tweezers and place onto your nail where you like it.

4. Now apply a second coat of polish in the colour you like over your Mitty stencil. We suggest to use a nail art sponge and apply the polish onto your nails. 

5. Whilst the polish is still wet, remove your Mitty stencil from your nail. If you let the polish dry your stencil will stick.

6. Now apply a quick drying top coat and admire your awesome nail art design. 

Helpful tips:

A handy hint before you start, apply Flawless Finish so you can make a mess and with no clean up.

Use tweezers to pick up your stencils as oils from your skin can affect the stickiness of your stencil. Plus Tweezers make it much easier to accurately place your Mitty stencil.

Each pack contains:

40 Mitty stencils.

1 resealable handy go anywhere foil pouch. Makes storage a breeze

Cruelty FREE,Biodegradable, Recyclable, 100% Vegan.

Make sure you tag @mitty_burns so we can see your amazing designs, we may even share them. (with your permission of course). And as always full credit will be given.

Flawless Finish by Mitty:

  • Latex FREE premium quality

  • Easy to apply, easy to remove

  • No dry time, No mess, No smell

  • No messy sticky fingers

  • No Nasty chemicals on your fingers

  • No clean up= Easy Mani...Yay

  • Get that fresh clean Mani look

What we love about this super easy peel off Mani Tape:

Flawless finish by Mitty makes every Mani design possible. Just imagine, no mess, you can stamp, you can ombre, apply lots and lots of glitter. Or just achieve that perfect clean finished Mani look. 
Flawless finish by Mitty are easy to apply, takes  just seconds. Has absolutely no dry time, unlike liquid latex. Plus your fingers don't stick together and become all messy. Flawless Finish stops leakage into your Mani, so nothing  contaminates your design. I mean who wants liquid latex all over their cuticles.Really, really easy to remove and can be  reused. With Flawless Finish by Mitty the only limitation is your imagination, so, design with confidence, clean up is taken care of, you can achieve that Flawless clean finished look.

Flawless Finish by Mitty pack contains:

10 Easy peel off high grade vinyl stickers. (each order is 3 packs, so you get 30 stickers)
Cruelty FREE,Biodegradable, Recyclable, 100% Vegan.


Why use Flawless Finish and not Liquid Latex?

All Liquid Latex products have some form of Ammonia in them. When Ammonia makes contact with the skin it reacts with water and produces ammonium hydroxide. This chemical is very corrosive and damages cells in the body on contact. (Source

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